Statement from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

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Monday, July 17, 2023
SAG-AFTRA continues to mischaracterize the negotiations with AMPTP. Not only does its press release deliberately distort the offers made by AMPTP, it also fails to include the proposals offered verbally to SAG-AFTRA leadership on July 12. 
The deal that SAG-AFTRA walked away from on July 12 is worth more than $1 billion in wage increases, pension & health contributions and residual increases and includes first-of-their-kind protections over its three-year term, including expressly with respect to AI. 
Despite what SAG-AFTRA would have you believe today, at its ratification in 2020, the current SAG-AFTRA contract was hailed by SAG-AFTRA leadership as “the most lucrative deal we have ever negotiated…valued at $318 million over the three-year term of the contract.” SAG-AFTRA further stated at the time that the deal “sets up for our long-term future…a forward-thinking agreement that builds on the changing realities of the streaming business.”
The AMPTP's goal from day one has been to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with SAG-AFTRA. A strike is not the outcome we wanted. For SAG-AFTRA to assert that we have not been responsive to the needs of its membership is disingenuous at best.
Here are some of the components of the Producers’ offer that SAG-AFTRA has chosen to forgo in favor of a strike:  
  • The highest percentage increase in minimums in 35 years
  • 76% increase in High Budget SVOD foreign residuals 
  • Substantial increases in pension and health contribution caps
  • Groundbreaking AI proposal which protects performers’ digital likenesses, including a requirement for performer’s consent for the creation and use of digital replicas or for digital alterations of a performance. 
  • 58% increase in salaries for major role (guest star) performers wages on High Budget SVOD Programs.
  • Limitation of self-tape requests, including page, time and tech requirements. Options for virtual or in-person auditions.  
  • 11% pay increase in year 1 for background actors, stand-ins and photo doubles, an additional 17% increase for background actors required to do extensive self-styling, and an additional 62% increase for stand-ins required to deliver lines during a run-through and photo doubles required to memorize and deliver lines on camera. 
  • First-time-ever fixed residuals for Stunt Coordinators on television and High Budget SVOD programs. 
  • Shortened option periods for series regulars earning less than $65,000 per episode on a half-hour series or less than $70,000 per episode on a one-hour series.
  • Dancers will now receive the on-camera rate for rehearsal days. 
  • Additional payments of 25% for dancers required to sing on camera during principal photography, as well as for singers required to dance on camera.
  • First-of-its-kind provision establishing rates, terms and conditions for High Budget Programs made for AVOD.
  • Hair and make-up consultation for performers of all complexions and hair textures.
  • Limits on the amount of initial compensation that can be advanced or prepaid as residuals.
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